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Insane Eagle Boy
Natural Media , 7 April 2012
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Okay, so the boy himself is not insane. I am. I started this Wednesday, thinking "wings are always tough, so I'm insane to try them on this scale, therefore it fits the theme". I didn't realise I was also insane for starting it so late in the week. :P Total time spent on this, at least seven hours. Probably upwards of eight. I wasn't really paying attention to time. I know that the wings took me over an hour - each! And that was just for drawing/shading all the feathers. I also had to spend 1.5 hours researching wings to figure out how to draw them. I have only drawn wings twice before, I think, and neither time turned out well. :P (drawn wings as in, actually left the wings intact instead of erasing them once I got fed up with them. XD)

The boy's name is Peter, and the odd thing in his hand is fire, which he is about to throw at you. **sweet smile**

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